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Sigtronics Quality

Sigtronics production in San Dimas, CA

Quality — that is what Sigtronics was founded on. Sigtronics has made the commitment for over 50 years to produce high quality communication products. To meet this commitment to quality, we maintain a facility where all design, assembly, and quality control are done under a single roof. This allows us to maintain the high quality standards and fast response our demanding customers need. Our in-house capabilities include custom engineered intercom / headset systems, an extensive machine shop facility, injection molding, cable assembly, pad printing, microphone manufacturing, circuit board assembly and soldering.

Started in 1974
Sigtronics was started in a garage in 1974 and began shipping the Autocom intercom, soon followed by the portable Transcom and remote intercoms. Sigtronics quickly grew and was relocated to an industrial unit and in 1978 introduced its first headset, the S-1M. The first SPA-400 was shipped in 1980, swiftly becoming the industry standard intercom for general aviation. In 1985 the AeroPro 90 replaced the S-1M series of headsets. Our EGT and Volt meter line of panel mount diagnostic tools were introduced at this time as Sigtronics continued to grow. In the mid 80's the Transcom II was introduced.

Our plastic injection molding facility

Adding square footage and different manufacturing process, in 1987 Sigtronics purchased a plastics injecting molding company. In the 90's the Aero Pro headsets gave way to new lines headsets, beginning with the S-40 headset series. In 1997 the two locations were combined into our current modern facility in San Dimas California to streamline the manufacturing process. At the same time, the SCI series of intercoms were introduced along with the S-AR active noise reduction headset. In the years since Sigtronics was first established we have continually upgraded our manufacturing facility and product line, introducing innovative products for the aviation market.

Our plastic injection molding facility

Plastic Injection Molding
Sigtronics' involvement in plastic injection molding started in 1984 when we were unable to find a source of quality headset cords. After evaluating several different cable manufacturers' products it was decided to bring insert cable molding in-house as the best way to achieve our goals. We were then able to manufacture the aviation markets premier quality headset cables. By using the highest quality high flex wire and tough brass plugs, our headset cable will give you years of service. The cable molding soon expanded into the purchase of a custom plastic injecting molding company in 1987 for the molding of our headset ear cups and intercom chassis boxes. This venture soon grew into a full service operation providing design, mold making, and secondary assembly.

Our cable injection molding facility

Laboratory and Flight Testing
Every new Sigtronics product endures extensive testing in our laboratory to make sure that it works properly when you receive it. In addition to laboratory testing, Sigtronics products are developed in actual flight conditions. Our microphones and intercoms have been engineered with the help of aircraft like the Beechcraft T-34 Mentor and North American T-28 Trojan. The T-28 aircraft generates a 114 dB sound pressure level at takeoff making it a very challenging test environment. Our intercoms and microphones work well in demanding aircraft like this and you can bet they will work great in yours.

Sigtronics Cables
Sigtronics builds all of its cables in-house by using automatic and semi-automatic machinery. The cables are constructed from custom specified wire, tested, insert molded, and then tested again to guarantee a top quality product. Sigtronics uses two 12 station vertical injection-molding machines to mold its cables, which creates a tough water proof cable. Up to 12-book type molds can be placed on each molding machine for a variety of cable configurations.

Customer Service
Quality and customer service is #1 at Sigtronics. Technicians are available to answer your questions about our products, from our standard headsets and intercoms to custom made systems. Sigtronics manufactures custom headset and intercom systems that are used by military ground support, tank simulators, and fast attack boats to name a few.

With over 50 years of experience, Sigtronics has the solutions for your problems and programs to keep you flying. If you need to return an intercom for service and must keep your aircraft in use, Sigtronics can ship you a loaner intercom to replace yours while it's being serviced. In most cases we will ship the loaner unit the same day. The Sigtronics web site contains operating, installation and modification instructions for all Sigtronics products. Both current and out of production instructions are available allowing instant access to the information that you need. You may also contact a technician with your technical needs via E-mail at and will receive a response in one day.

Sigtronics strives to serve you, the customer, to provide you with the best solutions for your problems quickly. At Sigtronics we not only make headsets and intercoms, we use them in flight daily. Pilots are part of our management, engineering and manufacturing staff. We are happy to answer your questions and discuss your special requirements.

Frank Sigona, founder of Sigtronics