The Quality of Sound is the key to clear, accurate communications for positive control of any situation.

SIGTRONICS is the industry standard of excellence in high noise aircraft intercom systems since 1974. Beginning in 1990 we applied the same advanced technology in the design of our emergency apparatus intercom systems to deliver high performance and reliability. Our products are designed and assembled in the U.S.A. using state-of-the-art technology which insures the highest quality and durability on the market. Sigtronics has the most comprehensive customer support program in the industry. We provide our clients with a dedicated 800 line and web site for technical support, installation, and radio interface information.

HEARING PROTECTION: Headsets reduce noise levels to protect hearing and to ensure clear communication with all personnel. Our headsets are light-weight, comfortable, and have noise-canceling electret microphones designed for superb voice fidelity and noise rejection.

INTERCOMMUNICATION: With each crew member’s headset connected to a voice activated intercom system, convenient “hands free” communication is provided. This feature improves safety by permitting the vehicle operator to communicate without diverting attention away from traffic surveillance. Additional safety is provided by allowing other crew members to give traffic alerts. Use of a Sigtronics intercom also saves time by enabling the officer to brief the crew in route.

RADIO INTERFACE: Sigtronics’ intercom systems interface to all mobile radios, and with our MRIM-2, to cellular telephones. This allows communication (both transmit and receive) to be heard through each headset position. Radio transmitting can be done from two or more positions. The crew’s intercommunication is not transmitted over the radio. To transmit over the radio, a radio push-to-talk switch is activated, and only that person’s voice will be heard over the air.

SE-48 Headset
SE-48 Headsets

Noise-canceling Electret Microphone headset.

FS1 PTT Foot Switch

PTT Foot Switch.

UltraSound intercoms
UltraSound Intercom

Systems to fit your requirements.