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S-A-F-E Communicator

  • Dual Radio Simultaneous Transmit. Two positions can transmit and receive independently of each other.
  • Voice Activated - Turns on instantly when you start speaking and turns off when you stop. Eliminates noise pick-up through microphone.
  • Auxiliary input — monitor a third radio.
  • All mounting hardware, jacks, switches and wire are included.
  • 4.125" Height x 7.5" Width x 2.5" Depth
  • Warranty: Two years parts and labor.
S-A-F-E Intercom

Dual Radio Capability: Communicate on 2 radios at the same time and monitor a third radio! You and a crew member can communicate with two agencies at the same time and have intercom capability with two more crew members. The dual radio capability of the S-A-F-E unit allows the two command headset positions to select which radios to transmit and receive on, independent of the other headset. Each headset position has dual volume controls; one for your radio reception, and the other for your intercom volume level. The third and fourth headset positions are slaved to the right side of the unit and will hear whichever radio the right side has selected.

OPTIONAL: Dual S-A-F-E (Remote Head)
The Dual S-A-F-E Communicator is similar to the unit described above except there are two identical boxes (one becomes a remote head to be mounted somewhere other than in the driver’s area). It allows four crew members to transmit on two radios and up to eight people have voice activated intercom capability. Ideal for use in command vans. Equipment provided is the same as regular S-A-F-E except there are four PTT switches and 8 headset jacks and mounting boxes.

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Auxiliary Input: With all S-A-F-E Communicator models you can also selectively monitor a third radio via the auxiliary input.

Technical Highlights

  • Excellent RF immunity guarantees clean, clear, radio communications.

  • Automatic Sidetone Generation allows everyone in the vehicle to hear both sides of the radio conversation.

  • Uses Sigtronics’ noise attenuating, single plug headsets.

  • The unit can be mounted above or below the panel and will adjust to various angles for easy viewing.

  • Quick Disconnect feature gives it flexibility and makes it interchangeable.

  • Standard Equipment included: 4 headset jacks and mounting boxes, 2 push-to-talk (PTT) switches, 4 foot interface cable, 1 roll of hook up wire, Installation and Operating instructions.

Model Number Positions Radio Transmit Positions Radio
S-A-F-E Up to 4 2 Dual
Dual S-A-F-E Up to 8 4 Dual
Note Some mobile radios may require an adapter to interface with any of the above Intercom Systems. See Mobile Radio Adapters section for radio compatibility information. Order headsets separately to complete the above systems.
PDF Instructions
Installation and Operating Instructions Installation and Operating Instructions
Models: S-A-F-E
Operating Instructions User Operating Instructions
For all S-A-F-E Intercoms
Special Instructions Sigtronics Special 4 Conductor Jack Wiring Instructions
To install Sigtronics headsets with radio Push-To-Transmit buttons. Use to wire these jacks into a Sigtronics S-A-F-E intercom system.

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