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Bluetooth cell phone

Bluetooth Cellular Telephone with a Sigtronics Mobile Radio Interface Module

  • With our MRIM-2 unit and a user furnished Bluetooth car-kit appropriate for your cell phone, you will have the ability to sync a hands-free Bluetooth cellular phone to your Sigtronics intercom system at any time. This will allow cell phone communication via the Sigtronics emergency headsets.
  • With Bluetooth wireless you will be able to change or update your cell phone without rewiring the system as you would with a hard wired cell phone installation.
  • Cell phone access may be configured for one person or for all the headset positions in the vehicle. Use toggle switch kit P/N 800185 for each position.
  • Four wires are all that is necessary to connect a car-kit to our MRIM-2 unit. Then just add the power and ground connections to the Bluetooth car-kit and the system is ready to be synced to your cell phone.
  • Normal radio operation is possible with the standard hand microphone and speaker.
  • You will have all the benefits of our headset / intercom system (hearing protection, mobile radio interface, vox intercom) with the convenience of adding a Bluetooth cellular phone whenever required.
  • All mounting hardware, jack box, switch box (PTT) and wire are included with the MRIM-2.
  • Warranty: Two years parts and labor.
PDF Instructions
Installation and Operating Instructions Installation and Operating Instructions
Models: MRIM-2
Special Instructions Bluetooth Cellular Interface with MRIM-2
Instructions for using a Sigtronics Intercom System and a Bluetooth Cellular Telephone.
Toggle Switch Kit P/N 800185
System Overview US-45D Engine Bluetooth Cell Phone System overview in PDF
US-67D Fire EMS Bluetooth Cell Phone System overview in PDF

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