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UltraSound Airport CFR Intercom

  • With a CFR voice activated intercom, radio communications will be heard at each crew position. All crew members will know of changing conditions by hearing both transmit and receive audio.
  • Systems for all sizes of ARFF apparatus.
  • All mounting hardware, jacks, switches and wire are included.
  • 1.8" Height x 6.1" Width x 4.5" Depth
  • Warranty: Two years parts and labor.
Ultrasound CFR Intercom
US-CFR Intercom

When seconds count, clear communication is everything. Designed for Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting vehicles, Sigtronics UltraSound CFR intercoms enhance crew safety and efficiency.

With over 40 years experience in high noise environment intercoms, Sigtronics can customize systems to fit your special requirements.


  • Turn on instantly when you start speaking and turn off when you stop, which eliminates constant noise pick-up through the headset microphone.

  • Interfaces to single or dual mobile radios, allowing all communications, both transmit and receive, to be heard through each headset.

  • Radio transmit is accomplished by way of the headset microphone through use of a push-to-talk switch. This design allows placement of the push-to-talk switch in the most accessible location and eliminates the need to reach for the hand microphone.

  • As an added safety feature, the intercom function is automatically disabled while transmitting so that only the voice of the person transmitting goes over the air, however his voice is heard by all crew members.


Fail Safe: The mobile radio, hand microphone and speaker will function normally with the intercom installed. The transmit keying circuit is fully isolated to provide for all radio keying configurations.

Ultrasound CFR Accessories

Simple Installation: The UltraSound CFR is small and light weight and mounts above or below the panel and adjusts for easy viewing. The intercom package comes with all the necessary mounting hardware for installation in the apparatus. Small rugged mounting boxes, (1-5/16” x 2” x 2”) are provided with every unit to accommodate headset jacks and push-to-talk switches. Complete and easy to follow instructions are provided along with helpful hints, operating instructions, and an 800 number for technical help.

Versatility: Systems are available for all Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting apparatus and emergency vehicles. Our standard system will provide four headsets positions with two radio transmit positions. Listed below are just a few of the options to tailor a system to your exact needs.

To request a quote for a CFR intercom systems, click on this Quote Form link.

Model Number Positions Radio Transmit Positions Radio
CFR 4 (5 with pump panel) 2 (3 with pump panel option) Dual
Simultaneous Transmit
8 (9 with pump panel option) 4 (5 with pump panel option) Dual
Options Cellular Telephone: Interface a cellular telephone to your CFR intercom system.
Pump Panel: Adds 2 PTT switches and a headset jack with splash cover, all in panel mount boxes.
Foot Switches: Add foot operated PTT switches.
PDF Instructions
Installation and Operating Instructions Installation and Operating Instructions
Models: US-CFR and Dual-CFR
System Overview US-CFR System overview in PDF

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